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Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of the U.R. Art Festival
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Do you love summer music festivals, House music, and having a good time with friends? If so, the U.R. Art Music Festival is just for you! The Festival was formed by three DJs (Rob Garza, Philipp Jung, and John Vander) who just wanted to offer Los Angeles a great festival to spread positivity and good times all around. Focused on House and Techno music, the festival also offers an opportunity for good vibes, dancing, music, food, and art. The U.R. Art Festival will take place on July 20th at the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Tickets available now! While staying in Santa Monica, people of all ages are encouraged to attend this unique and exciting festival!

The event will begin at 12pm and the music, dancing, and fun will continue all throughout the day! Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean that the fun has to, because the festival will continue all through the night until 11pm. Aside from the great music that you’ll be able to listen to at the festival, you will also be able to see fashion, participate in interactive art projects, and choose from a variety of delectable foods. If you have children, feel free to bring them along, as U.R. Art is dedicated to everyone having a good time. In fact, there will even be activities offered to children 4 years and older. When the sun is still up, there will even be a designated area for kids to play in!
Headlining the U.R. Art Festival on July 20th is Guillaume Coutu-Dumont hailing from Montreal. Known for his music that manages to subtly cross genres, he somehow flawlessly ties together the sultry feel of Jazz, the propulsion of techno, and the awesome groove of house. He is an artist you will surely not want to miss. Other artists in attendance will be soulful funk artist Asadinho, as well as Sean Patrick, Eduardo Castillo, John Wander, and Solar.

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